My name is Jannet Matthew but on here I like to go by the CRLGANGQUEEN. I’m a proud Dominican-American living in California by way of Miami, Florida. I went natural three years ago and the journey has been a transformational experience, prompting a life-long quest to better understand how identity politics affects the lives of Black women, and women of color. My focus is to design a legal career at the intersection of art, policy, and technology. My life’s work, however, is to democratize digital spaces and create products and services for us, by us.

My first step is to facilitate an online community with this digital platform - a community for the modern natural to share and exchange ideas; for your curly lifestyle, curated. It's truly intended to be a safe space to share product reviews, offer suggestions, and connect with other modern naturals similarly interested in clean ingredients, ethical beauty, and well-designed products. Throughout my lifetime I hope to create products, apps, services, and content that address the beauty needs of Black women who lead a modern lifestyle. This is for all of us.

The name, The Beauty Unpack, has a special significance to me. I named the blog as such because in law school (and academia in general) we use the phrase, “let’s unpack this,” quite often. We use it when discussing a concept, idea, legislation, what have you, that, on its surface seems straightforward and universal, but when thinking critically about how those concepts affect different groups of people, we see that what is seemingly straightforward has more layers than an onion.

As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I feel I have a responsibility to think critically about beauty - standards, products, traditions, etc - and when possible, share my discoveries with others. The power of beauty transcends culture, generations, socioeconomic status, and history; together, we can become more conscious of harmful beauty standards and practices with critical explorations in beauty.